ETAP 5.0.3 (Enterprise Solution for Electrical Power Systems)

ETAP Enterprise Solution for
Electrical Power Systems

ETAP is the most comprehensive analysis platform for the design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of

generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems

ETAP Star Features Include:

* Graphically Adjustable Device Settings
* Sequence-of-Operation of Protective Devices
* Embedded Fault & Motor Acceleration Analyses
* Extensive Device Library (Verified & Validated)
* Phase & Ground Coordination Modes
* Multi-Function Universal Relays (50/51 P, N, G, SG, 51V, 67, 46, & more)
* Built-In Interface with Relay Hardware
* Display Actual Relay Transient Response
* User-Definable Device Library Database
* Fixed Point / Damage Curve Modeling
* Graphical Time-Difference Calculator
* Automatic Current & Voltage Scaling of TCC View
* Advanced Curve-Fitting Algorithms
* Auto Clipping for All Protective Devices
* Click & Drag Curves to Adjust Settings
* Automatic Layout of the One-Line Diagram in Star View
* Print or Plot on Multiple Pages
* Automatically Shrink to Fit on a Single Page
* Print or Plot to Various Paper Sizes, Inc.ding Full Size Plotters
* Print Comprehensive Reports of Input Data & Study Results
* Customizable Print Functionality, Legends, & Device Labeling
* Display Input Data & Study Results on the Drawing

my favorite software 🙂 jgn lupa beli originilnya


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